Will CBD Oil Cause A Positive Marijuana Drug Test?

Our pharmacist discusses whether or not CBD products can cause you to test positive for marijuana on a drug test.


I'm hoping someone can do a little research for me. Will taking a CBD product like PlusCBD Oil by CV Sciences cause a positive marijuana test. I know CBD products are in a legal grey area at the moment but they are widely available in many retail/online stores. Many people use them. I am curious if you use one if you would get a positive test lets say for a employment drug test.

Asked by Nickky On Dec 05, 2017

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CDB Marijuana Drug Test

Depending on the CBD product, it is possible for them to produce a positive marijuana drug test if there are impurities in it. The vast majority of drug tests are looking for THC, not CBD. However, there have been many reports of supposedly "pure" CBD products causing individuals to fail a drug test for marijuana. 


CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, is often used as an alternative form of medicine to treat pain, seizures, anxiety and more. CBD is a cannabinnoid; however, it does not have the psychoactive effects that marajuana expresses (or "high" feeling). This is because the compound in marijuana that produces the feeling of being high, known as THC, whereas CBD can actually negate the high feeling caused by THC.

Marijuana Drug Tests

The drug test used to determine marijuana use measures a THC indirectly through the measurement of a metabolized version of THC. Therefore a drug test should theoretically not test positive for marijuana use if using CBD oil. The cut off for a positive marijuana drug screen is 50 ng/mL, so even if your CBD oil is not completely devoid of THC you would probably still test negative unless you are taking large doses of CBD.

High quality, high purity CBD oils would be expected to have very little if any THC. There is still rare instances of CBD users testing positive on a marijuana screen. This is usually due to poor quality CBD oil use or using very high doses of CBD oil. The only way to be absolutely sure you will not test positive is to avoid taking CBD during the time period when you are expecting a drug test.

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