What Is Causing Sore Breasts, Excess Urination & Heavy Discharge?

In this article, our pharmacist discusses what could be causing the following symptoms: Sore breasts, excess urination and heavy vaginal discharge.


What does it mean if I have sore breasts, pee a lot and have heavy discharge?

Asked by tie On Oct 25, 2017

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On Oct 26, 2017

We would recommend you see your doctor regarding the symptoms you are experiencing. Those symptoms are fairly non-specific and could indicate a range of possibilities. The only way to get an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment is to see your doctor so they may asses your symptoms. Having said that, below are a few possibilities that could explain your symptoms of painful breasts, excess urination and heavy vaginal discharge:


During the early stages of pregnancy, it is considered normal and healthy to secrete an excessive amount of discharge. Your body is producing more mucus to seal the cervix and keep the uterus healthy and ready for a developing embryo. The discharge at the beginning of pregnancy is typically described as creamy, lotion like, with a slight yellow tint on occasion. Excess discharge due to pregnancy typically has no, to very little odor.

Pregnancy also causes vast changes in your hormone levels which could be a reason for your sore breasts as well as excess urination. Sore and tender breasts can occur as soon as 1-2 weeks into pregnancy. Excess urination tends to occur about 6 to 10 weeks after you become pregnant. During pregnancy, the volume of your blood increases which not only causes the excess urination, but typically will make you feel more thirsty.

Hormonal Imbalance

A hormone imbalance could certainly be the cause of many of these symptoms. Hormone imbalances can happen for multiple reasons and should be looked into by your doctor.


If your discharge has a bad smell or is chunky, it could be a sign of a yeast infection or other vaginal infections. Your doctor can assess these symptoms and provide treatment as necessary.

Menstrual Period Effects

It is not uncommon to have discharge throughout different periods of your cycle, along with other symptoms such as sore breasts and an increase in urination. Many women experience a large amount of discharge during ovulation, about 10-14 days into the menstrual cycle. During ovulation, progesterone levels are elevated, which causes the body to secrete more discharge than usual. So depending on the timing of your discharge, it could simply be a sign that you are ovulating. The excess urination and sore breasts could simply be PMS symptoms.

Side effects from medication

Many medications, most notably birth control pills, can cause a range of side effects, including the ones mentioned in your question. Birth control pills contain hormones that take some time for your body to get used to. Typically, it can take 3-6 months to get on a normal cycle after starting birth control pills.

Please see your health care provider as they can provide a more accurate assessment of the problems you are having and provide appropriate therapy.

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