Taking Oxycodone From Different Manufacturers

In our latest question and answer, the pharmacist discusses taking oxycodone that is from two different manufacturers.


I have oxycodone 5/325mg from two different companies and I need to take two of them. Can I take them both from two different companies?

Asked by Laura On Dec 17, 2017

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On Dec 19, 2017

Yes, as long as the medication is the same (oxycodone/acetaminophen 5/325) but simply from different manufacturers, they may be taken together without concern as long as you are taking the medication as prescribed from the doctor.

Typically, if a pharmacy dispenses a medication with two different manufacturers, they will dispense in separate bottles and label each bottle with a sticker that says something along the lines of "this is the same medication you have been taking but is from a different manufacturer. It may appear different in size, shape and color".  This is a very common situation and again, are okay to take and considered interchangeable.

You can take the same medication, from different manufacturers and expect the same effects without concern. 

You mentioned you need to take both of the companies' 5/325 tablets so I just want to make sure that these were both just dispensed to you. If they were both just dispensed from the same prescription, it is perfectly okay to take them, as that is just what the pharmacy had in stock. Many times pharmacies receive different shipments based on what their suppliers have on hand and what is available to them. When they receive prescriptions from their patients, they fill what they have, dispense in separate bottles, and label them appropriately so the patient is aware that the drug is correct but may look different (same drug different manufacturer).

The question here is a little vague. If what has been described above is not the case, and perhaps you have been prescribed 5/325 once daily or once every X hours, please take as prescribed. If you are wanting to take more than you have been prescribed and have leftover medication, I do not condone doing this. If you have another question, please ask it in more depth so we can be of more help.

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