No, hydrocodone use during pregnancy is not recommended.

Hydrocodone is technically classified as pregnancy category C meaning there are no adequate, well controlled studies of hydrocodone use in pregnant women.

In animal studies however, hydrocodone administration resulted in a variety of adverse effects such as decreased body weight as well as an overall decrease in infant survival. There is also an association of fetal malformations while using hydrocodone during pregnancy.

Hydrocodone use is also not recommended immediately prior to or during labor. Labor can be prolonged with hydrocodone use and can also increase the risk of respiratory depression in the infant.

Lastly, use of opioid drugs (such as hydrocodone) during pregnancy can result in neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome, which can be life threatening. 

If you are in need of pain relief during your pregnancy, please speak with your doctor regarding appropriate therapies that are both safe for you and the infant.