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What are the ingredients of the compound Rocky Mountain Mouthwash? I have thrush and have taken fluconazole which eased it but it is returning...

Asked by Senor On Sep 29, 2017

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On Sep 29, 2017

Rocky Mountain Mouthwash is not a standardized formulation so I won't be able to give a precise answer. Many different pharmacies use that name for a compounded mouthwash and it sometimes will vary by an ingredient or two.


Most commonly, it contains the following ingredients:

  • Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) liquid (12.5mg/ml)
  • Lidocaine Viscous Solution 2%
  • Maalox (Aluminum Hydroxide, Magnesium Hydroxide, Simethicone)

These are mixed in equal parts with one another and dispensed. Another common ingredient typically added to this is:


  • Nystatin Suspension 100,000 units/ml


I would certainly assume that the nystatin was added to the compound that you got since it is an antifungal that is commonly used for thrush infections.


In addition to use for thrush, this compound is often used for patients with canker sores and patients with mouth ulcers. The ingredients when used together help shorten healing time and can relieve/numb pain very effectively.

Rocky Mountain Mouthwash may also by the following names:

  • BMX Solution
  • Miracle Mouth Wash
  • Magic Mouthwash
  • Thrush Wash

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