Oxycodone Imprinted With V 4810

In our latest question and answer, the pharmacist identifies a oxycodone tablet with a "v" imprint on one side and "4810" on the other.


I found a tablet that has the following imprint/marking: Side 1: V Side 2: 48 10 Can you tell me what that is?

Asked by Lance On Apr 23, 2018

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On Apr 23, 2018

Oxycodone 5mg tablet, manufactured by Par Pharmaceuticals, has the following imprints on the tablets:

  • Side 1: V
  • Side 2: 4810

The tablet is round and white, and contains 5mg of oxycodone (immediate release).

Below, is a picture of the tablet:

Oxycodone Imprinted With V 4810

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