Opening ProzacProzac (fluoxetine) capsules can safely be opened and the contents sprinkled onto applesauce. This is a good option for individuals that have swallowing problems.

If Prozac capsules are opened and sprinkled onto applesauce, it is important that all the applesauce be consumed to order to ensure complete dosing.

Other food options that Prozac can be sprinkled onto include:

  • Yogurt
  • Pudding

It is important to note that Prozac also comes in an extended release dosage form, Prozac Weekly. Prozac Weekly cannot be opened, crushed, split and cut. Doing so will ruin the extended release mechanism of the drug and release all the medication at once, greatly increasing the risk of side effects.

If you are having trouble opening Prozac capsules or sprinkling the contents onto food, it is also available in a liquid formulation, that may be easier to dose for some individuals.

If you are concerned about the effects of taking Prozac while pregnant, be sure to talk to your doctor about your therapy options.