Is There An Interaction Between Norco And Advil?

We answer our latest question regarding whether or not there is an interaction between Norco And Advil.


Is there an interaction between Norco and Advil?

Asked by Angela99 On Sep 22, 2017

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On Sep 22, 2017


There is no known interaction between Norco (hydrocodone/acetaminophen) and Advil (ibuprofen).[1]

They are considered safe to take together.

In fact, it is a fairly common practice for a doctor to recommend that individuals take an NSAID (like Advil) first for the treatment of pain, and if it doesn't provide effective relief, then move on to Norco.[2]

Drugs In Question

Norco is a combination of two products,hydrocodone (which is known as an opioid and is similar to morphine and codeine), and acetaminophen, which is the active ingredient in Tylenol.

Ibuprofen, the active ingredient in Advil, is known as an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). While Advil produces anti-inflammatory effects that the Norco does not, it typically is not quite as effective as a pain medication as the Norco is.

Final Words

As mentioned above, many times a doctor will prescribe both an NSAID and a hydrocodone product (like Norco) together because of their different mechanisms of action and different effects on the body. You can feel confident there is no interaction between the two.

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