For most individuals, there is no waiting period between when you can get Shingrix (shingles vaccine) and the flu shot (influenza vaccine).

We wrote an article discussing this very subject, which can be found here: Shingrix With The Flu Shot.

Below are some highlights from the article:

  • Shingrix is a "non-live" vaccine and studies indicate it can safely be given with most flu vaccines.
  • The prescribing information for Shingrix states that co-administration with the flu vaccine (specifically FLUARIX) showed no evidence for interference in the immune response to any of the antigens contained in either vaccine.
  • The Centers for Disease Control states that co-administration of Shingrix with the seasonal flu vaccine is safe and recommended for most individuals.
  • There are some concerns regarding co-administration of Shingrix with a specific flu vaccine, Fluad. Like Shingrix, Fluad is "adjuvanted", meaning it contains both an antigen and an "immune-boosting ingredient" (i.e. the adjuvant). Some studies have noted concerns about a higher risk of side effects when two adjuvanted vaccines (Shingrix is also adjuvanted) are given at the same time.

While Shingrix can be given with most flu vaccines (e.g. non-adjuvanted ones), the CDC does not currently give a recommendation regarding co-administration with other inactivated vaccines (e.g., pneumococcal, Tdap).

Final Words

There is no "waiting period" between Shingrix and the flu shot (unless directed by your doctor). Multiple studies show that Shingrix can be safely given with a non-adjuvanted seasonal influenza vaccine without reducing the efficacy of either vaccine.

There is no data available unfortunately regarding co-administration of Shingrix and Fluad, the adjuvanted flu vaccine.

Nevertheless, if that is the only flu vaccine available to you, one source recommends that it is still safe to be vaccinated with that at the same time, as long as separate administration sites are used.


  • For most individuals, Shingrix can be given at the same time as the seasonal flu vaccine.

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