Is Dramamine Safe To Take With Birth Control?

Is Dramamine Safe To Take With Birth Control?


I started taking “Smooth Move” tea for constipation on Tuesday late at night. At four in the morning, I started puking. Yesterday, I did not drink the tea, but I did start puking once again late at night. My stomach feels really uncomfortable right now and was wondering if drinking baking soda and water or taking Dramamine for my nausea will interact with my birth control?

Asked by Melissa On May 23, 2019

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Yes, Dramamine is considered safe to take with birth control pills, regardless of which specific birth control pill product you are taking (there are many!).[1]

It is important to note that there are several different types of Dramamine available, including:[2]

None of the active ingredients used in Dramamine products (dimenhydrinate, meclizine, and ginger) are known to interact with birth control pills.

Since you are having some issues with nausea and vomiting, it is worth discussing what is recommended to do with your birth control pills.

Birth Control Pills And Vomiting

Being nauseated to the point of vomiting while taking birth control pills could reduce their effectiveness since they may not be as well absorbed.

This naturally brings up the question of if you need to re-dose your birth control pill if you vomit soon after taking them.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) states this regarding the situation:[3]

Theoretically, the contraceptive effectiveness of COCs [combined hormone oral contraceptive] might be decreased because of vomiting or severe diarrhea. Because of the lack of evidence that addresses vomiting or severe diarrhea while using COCs, these recommendations are based on the recommendations for missed [doses] of COCs.]

The CDC offers the following recommendations for what to do if vomiting occurs after taking a birth control pill:

Vomiting Birth Control Pills Chart

The above recommendations are for combined hormone birth control pills only.

If you are taking a progestin-only pill (sometimes referred to as a 'mini-pill), you likely will need to use backup contraception since they are much less forgiving with missed doses.

If you do experience vomiting while taking a progestin-only pill:[4]

  • Take another pill as soon as possible.
  • Take the remaining pills at the usual time.
  • Use back-up contraception (e.g., condoms) until 2 days after vomiting resolves.

Final Words

Most remedies for nausea (including Dramamine and the use of baking soda as you mentioned in your question) are not thought to affect the absorption or overall effectiveness of birth control pills.

Nevertheless, be sure to discuss the use of any other prescription or over the counter drug with your pharmacist or doctor before using if you are concerned about interactions.


There is no known drug interaction between birth control pills and Dramamine products.

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