Do You Take Spironolactone With Food?

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Does not taking spironolactone with a meal decrease its effectiveness? I take it for Pcos and it has worked amazingly well for my acne (related to PCOS) in the past but since taking it in the morning and not with my evening meal it doesnt seem to be working as well, would be grateful for the advice thank you

Asked by Kelsey On Oct 02, 2017

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On Oct 02, 2017

Food significantly increases the bioavailability (rate and extent of absorption) of spironolactone.  It is often recommended for patients to take the drug consistently with or without food. In one study, the presence of food did not alter the effect of spironolactone on blood pressure control or heart rate; therefore, the authors suggested spironolactone be taken with food to minimize the possibility of gastric irritation, which was observed to be common.

Food will enhance absorption when given concurrently, so I would recommend taking with the evening meal if that is OK with your and your doctor.​

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