Yes, Calcium Gluconate can be administered via a bolus (i.e. "push") dose or via continuous infusion:

Bolus intravenous administration

  • In general, dilute the dose to a concentration of 10-50 mg/mL in 5% dextrose or normal saline prior to administration.
  • Administer the dose slowly. The infusion rate should not exceed an 200 mg/minute in adults or 100 mg/minute in pediatric patients.

    **For bolus administration** DO NOT exceed an infusion rate of:

    • 200 mg/minute in adult patients
    • 100 mg/minute in pediatric patients

    Continuous intravenous infusion

    • In general, Calcium Gluconate is diluted in 5% dextrose or normal saline to a concentration of 5.8-10 mg/mL.
    • For continuous infusions, adjust rate as needed based on serum calcium levels .