Can Benadryl Ultratabs Be Cut In Half?

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Can mini Benadryl tablets be cut in half?

Asked by Emmie On May 01, 2019

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Yes, Benadryl Ultratabs can be cut or split.

However, the tablets do have a wax coating on them that helps to mask their bitter taste and makes them easier to swallow.[1]

Cutting the tablets will destroy this coating, at least partially, so if you do so, you may notice the tablets are slightly more difficult to swallow and may have an unpalatable taste.

Nevertheless, the important thing is that cutting Benadryl tablets will not alter how the drug is absorbed or how it works in your body.

Benadryl Tablets

Since your question asked specifically about 'mini tablets', I want to point out that Benadryl Ultratabs aren't marketed as 'mini tablets', but they are smaller than how Benadryl tablets originally were (as noted on the package for the product).

Benadryl UltraTab Box Image

There are, however, a variety of generic Benadryl (diphenhydramine) products that are marketed as 'mini tablets', like this example product from Walgreens.[2]

Wal-Dryl Box Image Mini Tabs

The active ingredient in this Walgreens product is the same (diphenhydramine), but it does have different inactive ingredients (or fillers).

Most 'mini tablets' have a coating, similar to the wax coating that Benadryl Ultratabs have. They can still be cut or split, but just like the Benadryl Ultratabs, you may notice an unpleasant taste and they may be more difficult to swallow.[3]

Other Dosage Forms

In addition to tablets, Benadryl also comes in a LiquiGel formulation, which are liquid filled capsules.

Benadryl LiquiGels Box

Benadryl LiquiGels should not be cut, split or opened. Doing so will cause some of the contents of the capsule to spill out, resulting in some loss of the total dose.

Final Words

As discussed above, Benadryl Ultratabs and generic 'mini tabs' can be cut or split without affecting the actual medication (which is diphenhydramine).

However, since you will be destroying the coating on the tablets, you may want to consider using the chewable Benadryl tablets instead.

The chewable product come in 12.5 tablets, which is half of one adult tablet (25 mg). Therefore, instead of cutting an adult Benadryl tablet in half to get a dose of 12.5mg, you could simply take one chewable Benadryl tablet.


Benadryl tablets can be cut but doing so will destroy the tablet coating. This may make them more difficult to swallow and have an unpleasant taste.

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