R667 is an orally active, gamma selective retinoid agonist that shows promise as a treatment for emhysema, as it has, in animal models, promoted structural lung repair and functional improvement with fewer side effects. It is currently in Phase II Trials for emphysema secondary to alpha-1 antitrypsin



Investigated for use/treatment in emphysema.


R667 is an orally active, gamma selective retinoid agonist that shows promise as a treatment for emhysema.

Mechanism of action

Gamma-selective retinoic acid receptor agonist.


Information currently not available.

Protein binding

Information currently not available.

Volume of distribution

Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.

Half life

Information currently not available.

Route of elimination

Information currently not available.


Well tolerated in patients with emphysema. no safety concerns have been identified.

Adverse Effects


Information currently not available.

Food Interactions

    Information currently not available.


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