Benzonatate is a non-narcotic oral antitussive (cough suppressant) drug which works by anesthetizing the tissues of the lungs and pleura responsible for the cough reflex. It is chemically related to other ester anesthetics such as procaine. It has an...

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For the symptomatic relief of cough. Has also been applied locally in the oral cavity in adults by r... Read more


Benzonatate, a non-narcotic antitussive agent chemically related to tetracaine and other ester-type... Read more

Mechanism of action

Benzonatate acts peripherally, anesthetizing the stretch receptors of vagal afferent fibers in the a... Read more


Information currently not available.

Protein binding

Information currently not available.

Volume of distribution

Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.

Half life

3-8 hours

Route of elimination

Information currently not available.


Restlessness, tremors, seizures and unconsciousness.

Adverse Effects

Effect Regions Age Groups Incidences Evidence Type
Visual Hallucinations US
Mental confusion US
Severe hypersensitivity reactions US
Numbness of the chest US
Vague "chilly" sensation US
Sensation of burning in the eyes US
Psychiatric effects US
Cardiovascular collapse US
Laryngospasm US
Bronchospasm US
Headache US
Dizziness US
Constipation US
Nausea US
GI upset US
Pruritus US
Skin eruptions US
Nasal Congestion US
Sedation US


Information currently not available.

Food Interactions

  • Take without regard to meals.


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