A medication used as a skin cleanser.


A chlorinated bisphenol antiseptic used as a surgical scrub and skin cleanser.


A chlorinated bisphenol antiseptic with a bacteriostatic action against Gram-positive organisms, but much less effective against Gram-negative organisms. It is mainly used in soaps and creams and is an ingredient of various preparations used for skin disorders. (From Martindale, The Extra Pharmacopoeia, 30th ed, p797)



For use as a surgical scrub and a bacteriostatic skin cleanser. It may also be used to control an outbreak of gram-positive infection where other infection control procedures have been unsuccessful.


Hexachlorophene, a detergent cleanser, is an antibacterial sudsing emulsion for topical administration. It is a bacteriostatic cleansing agent. It cleanses the skin thoroughly and has bacteriostatic action against staphylococci and other gram-positive bacteria. Cumulative antibacterial action develo... Read more

Mechanism of action

The primary mechanism of action of hexachlorophene, based on studies with Bacillus megatherium, is to inhibit the membrane-bound part of the electron transport chain, respiratory D-lactate dehydrogenase. It induces leakage, causes protoplast lysis, and inhibits respiration.


Detectable blood levels of hexachlorophene following absorption through intact skin have been found in subjects who regularly scrubbed with hexachlorophene.

Protein binding


Volume of distribution

Information currently not available.


Information currently not available.

Half life

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Route of elimination

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Oral, rat LD50: 66 mg/kg. Signs of overdose include anorexia, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, dehydration, convulsions, hypotension, and shock, and in several reported instances, fatalities.

Adverse Effects


  • Regions: US
  • Patient Conditions:
      • Name: Burned or denuded skin
      • Drugbank Id: DBCOND0107977
  • Regions: US
  • Patient Conditions:
      • Name: Use as an occlusive dressing
      • Drugbank Id: DBCOND0107978
  • Regions: US
  • Patient Conditions:
      • Name: Previous primary light sensitivity
      • Drugbank Id: DBCOND0107986
  • With Categories:
      • Name: Hydrocarbons, Halogenated
      • Drugbank Id: DBCAT000682
      • Mesh Id: D006846
  • Regions: US
  • Age Groups:
    • children
  • Patient Conditions:
      • Name: Bathing
      • Drugbank Id: DBCOND0107985
  • Regions: US
  • Patient Conditions:
      • Name: Use on mucous membranes
      • Drugbank Id: DBCOND0107984
  • Regions: US
  • Patient Conditions:
      • Name: Use as tampon
      • Drugbank Id: DBCOND0107983
  • Regions: US
  • Patient Conditions:
      • Name: Use as a vaginal pack
      • Drugbank Id: DBCOND0107982
  • Regions: US
  • Patient Conditions:
      • Name: Routine use for prophylactic total body bathing
      • Drugbank Id: DBCOND0107981
  • Regions: US
  • Patient Conditions:
      • Name: Use as lotion
      • Drugbank Id: DBCOND0107980
  • Regions: US
  • Patient Conditions:
      • Name: Use as wetpack
      • Drugbank Id: DBCOND0107979

Food Interactions

    Information currently not available.


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