Nuvaring Comes Out


It can be difficult to find information regarding what to do if your Nuvaring, a vaginal contraceptive ring, comes out. Although uncommon, this can happen from time to time during the course of the day or we may choose to take it out but forget to put it back in. It is important to definitively know what to do and whether or not the contraceptive ability of the Nuvaring has been compromised.

Below, we have outlined the proper course of action based on the appropriate situation. All of these directives come straight from the manufacturer of Nuvaring (Merck).

Out LESS Than 3 Hours

  • The Nuvaring can be washed off with lukewarm water and reinserted. There is no need to use backup contraception.

Out MORE Than 3 Hours

  • Wash off the Nuvaring in lukewarm water and reinsert as soon as possible. You must use backup birth control until the ring has been in place for seven days in a row.

If this has occurred during the 3rd week of the cycle, you should skip the ring free week (i.e. the "off week") and begin a new ring immediately. From there, continue as if you have started a new cycle. If you are unable to start a new ring immediately, you should use backup contraception until a new ring has been in place for 7 days.