Can I Eat Or Drink While Sitavig Is Applied?

You can eat or drink while the tablet is in place, but should be advised to avoid chewing gum or brushing the teeth during this time.

How Well Does Sitavig Work?

In clinical trials, is shortened the duration time of cold sores by slightly less than a day. This efficacy is in line with other topical anti-viral medications. It should be noted that oral therapy (drugs that you swallow) tend to work a little better.

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​One advantage of Sitavig is frequency of use. Most topical and oral treatments must be dosed 4-5 times daily. Sitavig is only used once daily, making it much more convenient to use for patients. The advertisements you may see on TV will certainly emphasize this convenience in dosing. 

Below we answer common questions in regards to Sitavig in an easy to read and understand manner.

What is Sitavig?

​Sitavig is a prescription medicine used to treat cold sore infections.

How should I use Sitavig if prescribed to me?

  • With a dry finger, remove the tablet out of the blister. 

  • On the same side of the mouth as the cold sore symptoms, immediately apply the rounded side of the tablet to the upper gum above the incisor tooth (canine fossa).

  • Hold the tablet in place with slight pressure for 30 seconds.Once adhered, the tablet will gradually dissolve. Do not crush, chew, suck, or swallow the tablet.

  • If adhesion does not occur or the tablet falls off within the first 6 hours, immediately reposition the same tablet. If the tablet cannot be repositioned, a new tablet should be applied.

  • If the tablet is swallowed within the first 6 hours, drink a glass of water and apply a new tablet.

  • If the tablet falls or is swallowed after the first 6 hours, reapplication is not needed

How Does The Sitavig Work?

Even though the buccal tablet dissolves on your gum, it actually produces a local effect on the cold sore, almost as if you were applying a cream directly to it. That is why it is important to place the tablet closest to where the cold sore infection is. In terms of how it works, Sitavig contains acyclovir, an antiviral medication. It is effective because cold sores of caused by the Herpes virus. Specifically, acyclovir inhibits viral DNA synthesis and therefore stops viral replication.

When should I First Use Sitavig ?

SITAVIG should be applied within 1 hour after you have the first symptom of a cold sore, such as itching, redness, burning, or tingling, and before a cold sore appears. it is very important to use Sitavig as soon as possible as this is when it is most effective.

What are the possible side effects of Sitavig?

Sitavig is generally well tolerated.  People may experience adverse reactions including headache, and application site pain. 

How Much Does Sitavig Cost?

As with all prescription medications, the answer to this is "it depends". If the medication is covered under your insurance plan, you will likely be charged your brand name copay tier. If the medication is not covered, and you need to pay out of pocket, the medication is expensive. Sitavig costs around $300 for a package of 2 tabs. This of course is a lot of money, but it is inexpensive compared to other topical prescription treatments.

Will Sitavig Interact With Any Medications?

Interactions are unlikely. The medication has very minimal absorption and therefore has a low likelihood of causing drug interactions.​

How Can I Save Money On Sitavig?

Be sure to find out whether or not you insurance pays for the medication. The drug manufacturer also offers a savings program.


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Sitavig is the new prescription cold sore  medication that just hit the market in 2014. It is unique in the fact that it is neither a topical treatment nor a medication in which you need to swallow pills or capsules. It actually comes as a buccal tablet in which you place the tablet in-between your gums and your cheek and allow it to dissolve. The dissolved tablet then exerts a local effect on the cold sore. Sitavig contains a medication that had been on the market for years, but never in this formulation.

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