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Connect With Us & Start Chatting Below! Please Be Aware That Payment Via Paypal Is Required Before An Answer Can Be Given By The Pharmacist.

PharmacistAnswers Live Chat!

With our usual service, we respond within 24 hours. With the PharmacistAnswers Live Chat service, we will connect immediately and be able to speak with you 1 on 1! We are available when the chat window shows we are 'live'.

 While our standard service is free, the Live Chat service is available for only $10. Our service is guaranteed and if you aren't satisfied, we will refund your money immediately, no questions asked!

  • Your question will be answered by a Doctor Of Pharmacy (PharmD).
  • You are free to ask follow up questions related to the initial inquiry for no charge!
  • ​We are unable to answer multi-part questions in regards to pharmacy technician calculations and pharmacist interview questions.

**All information given by PharmacistAnswers is for informational use only and should not be considered medical advice**



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