Our Story:

     A small group of pharmacists from New York founded this site in 2012 to create a forum for absolutely anyone to ask questions and receive answers and advice with no hassle from licensed pharmacists. In our experience, many people are shy or nervous to reach out to health care professionals in person. Searching for answers online can be tricky and very often, wrong or misleading. In addition, getting answers from professionals online usually involves a substantial charge. Before us, it was clear what options people have:

1. Paying a hefty fee for answers on a "question and answer" websites

2. Create an account with websites that contain medical forums and be constantly bombarded with emails that you have no desire to receive.

3. Give up on the internet and call your local pharmacy to receive varying degrees of helpful advice (depending on the pharmacists experience and how busy they are at the time).

None of these options we believe are ideal. We have a simple premise. You ask a question. We answer it and post it to our website with the goal of building an archive that any and all can use for reference. A licensed pharmacist personally responds to each and every inquiry. All of our pharmacists work full time in the field and participate on this site simply on their free time!

​Thank you and visit us often!

Mission Statement:

We believe in public service by providing free answers to any questions you may have for our licensed pharmacists. No fees or registration. Ever. 

Please Email Us Any And All Questions/Comments!
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Questions & Answers About Our Free Service


Are these real pharmacists answering questions?

Yes, the medical questions submitted are answered by currently practicing pharmacists with active licensure. If you need verification of licensure please email Questions@PharmacistAnswers.com 

How can this site be free?

This site is free because we believe everyone should be able to ask a pharmacist questions and receive answers to those questions, no matter their ability to pay or their ability to access a pharmacy.

Is it really free? Do I have to register? 

Yes, we provide this service absolutely free with no registration. You can ask a licensed pharmacist an unlimited number of questions and you will never have to register or give credit card information. Ever.

Why Use This site?

We provide the ability for ANYONE to ask a pharmacist a medical question and get an answer from a licensed pharmacist in less than a day with no fee and no registration. Our goal is to build a vast resource of health questions and answers that anyone can use!

Why Not Use A Pay For Answer Site?

​1. We will never charge anyone for asking questions and receiving answers. Those sites cost $5-$10 a question!​

2. We answer questions in less than 24 hours! They can take days to answer questions!

3. Have you seen our responses in our archive? We provide detailed answers/information and of course you are free to ask follow up questions!

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