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Question:  I am having trouble swallowing a lot of my medications. Are there other options for me or possibly any alternatives to tablets and capsules? Read More

Question: I have been currently taking Nortriptyline 50mg for about a year, the manufacturing has changed at my pharmacy and I am receiving a different color pill. I've noticed I haven't been able to sleep for about a month. My doctor told me the reason I cannot sleep was the change is manufactures, is that possible?.... Read More

Question: Hello! I was recently told by my doctor that an appropriate therapy for me is to be on prednisone for a few months. I have read about some pretty bad effects regarding it and I want to make sure it is safe. So, is it safe to take prednisone long term?.... Read More

Long Term Problems With Steroids

Question: I just started taking Pristiq 50 mg three days ago. I have been noticing a lot of lightheadedness and I feel a bit spacey. I just wanted to know if these are side effects and when I can expect them to subside. Also, what is the best time to take the Pristiq.... Read More

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